The Mongol Doctrine Part 2: Every Action Has an Opposite and Equal Reaction

Marvin Liao
3 min readMay 21, 2024

I wrote in a previous post about the savagery of empire building in geopolitics and business. And as the title states there is always a counter reaction to savagery, whether from employees, competitors and other countries.

I have long deplored the weakness in the West and in most of the modern world. Cutting defense budgets, letting their militaries decline and their citizenry get complacent. But there are several countries that stand in opposition to this. Countries like South Korea, Finland, Turkey, Singapore and Poland.

No surprise, this is a direct reaction to their past history of being conquered, badly treated and despoiled by neighboring countries. Finland by Russia and Germany. South Korea by Japan & North Korea. Turkey by Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia after World War 1. Singapore by Japan in WW2 and threatened in modern times by their immediate neighbors. Poland was partitioned by Russia, Germany, Austria & Turkey multiple times.

Consequently they have developed very strong professional militaries as well as military reserves. They have it seared into their history and know really bad things happen to their people when they are invaded or conquered. I should add that the occupations by Japan, Germany and Russia tended to be particularly brutal and harsh.

This is something that seems to be forgotten by many countries in Western Europe. And I would even argue in America and Canada. I understand as many of the NATO countries including Canada are free riding on the American military and defense shield by spending below the required 2% of GDP on defense spending. The problem is America cannot be counted on as we seem to be entering a period of isolationism as the world de-globalizes and moves into a multipolar situation. Less order and more chaos.

I pray people wake up before it’s too late. The world is only becoming a scarier place. Power and strength is important. This is why bullies and criminals only prey on the weak. They know trying to tackle someone strong will cost them too much. Someone who can fight back and inflict costs back upon them. This is true at the individual level, at the company level and at the country level.

I learned this term the Mongol doctrine from a sci-fi series of Battletech, as practiced by Clan Jade Falcon. The doctrine involved the use of ostentatious violence against opposing armies and civilians alike to cow enemies into submission. Not just an eye for an eye, but 2 eyes for one of yours. A harsh and severe response to aggression against you and yours. This is the only language barbarians and criminals understand.

While I deplore violence and savagery, it’s a reality of our world. You can’t hide from it forever. And you need to be prepared to use it if someone will be coming to harm you, your family or your friends. Don’t rely on anyone else or even the police as many learned the hard way during the BLM riots in 2020 and the extreme progressive stupidity that has reigned in Blue cities of America aka LA, SF, NYC and Chicago (aka Chiraq).

Get strong. Get trained. Get rich. Get smart!



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