The Future of Work & the inevitable Rise of Entrepreneurship

  1. Be Like Jay Z: He says “I’m not a BusinessMan, I’m a Business, Man”. Basically treat and Think of yourself like a business.
  2. Focus on a Niche market: Niches are riches now with the internet you can aggregate large numbers of customers or clients interested in the most random things. Read Kevin Kelly’s a “1000 True fans”
  3. Be a lifelong Learner, there are so many tools and classes you can take to upgrade yourself on a regular basis. Learn copywriting, take classes on online advertising. Learn Bubble or some other No Code tool. Join an Ondeck Fellowship.
  4. Learn to Build an Audience: Everyone is a Media Company of One. Gary Vee & my friends Eric Siu and Pomp has done to perfection
  5. Be a Digital Nomad & learn the benefits of GeoArbitrage. Earn developed market wages and currency while living in a lower cost country.
  6. Learn to Invest the difference. Inflation is a real thing and everyone needs to understand how to make your money work for you. It’s the ultimate leverage in life.



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Marvin Liao

Marvin Liao

Ever curious: Tsundoku, Reader, Aspiring Shokunin, World traveller, Investor & Tech/Media exec interested in almost everything!