Self Sovereignty Versus Growing Government: Why You Need Citizenship Insurance

Libertarianism is stupid. No government is anarchy. Just look at Somalia.

But the ongoing growth of government reach into almost every sector of life is not a good thing. Having bigger organizations and throwing bodies at something does not usually equate to better results.

In fact, the bigger an organization is, the dumber and slower it is. And even less responsive to “customer” needs. This is the case in both business and government. They start to focus on internal issues versus external needs as critical mass and attention is spent inside.

I think this accounts for the gross incompetence we see in governments everywhere around the world in 2020 and 2021 as they have tried facing the ongoing pandemic. No surprise it was the smaller countries that were able to weather and adapt to things faster and better. Ie. Singapore, Estonia, Finland & Israel. It’s been pretty ugly in India, USA, Brazil, Russia, Mexico all over the European Union.

Yet even previous outperformers like New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and Canada are now overreacting due to their unrealistic goal of zero-ism ie. zero cases. This is leading to the massive overreach of the government. Full Lockdowns even on the basis of one case, large fines for protesting and leaving their neighbourhood, while destroying the main street small business owners by forced shutdowns. All driven by possibly well meaning but “so called experts” and faceless unaccountable bureaucrats who continue to lie to us.

First masks don’t work, now they do work, now you have to wear them as a mandate etc. etc. (For the record, I’m pro mask and pro vaccine but also think idiots should have a right to do what they want. There is no law against stupidity & ignorance). They also shut down any conversations and discussions that question their dogma. It’s very easy for these government experts and officials to push for enforced closures through lockdowns and anti-eviction mandates. Especially when they are still getting paychecks and aren’t really taking any hit themselves.

No surprise, I’ve become pretty disillusioned and angry about most of the respective governments and political parties I live under (both the Republicans and Democrats are self serving scum). It’s one thing if they were competent & for the greater good of society ie. well meaning. These people are clearly NOT. Edward R. Murrow said: “A Nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

I’m never going to be under lock down anymore. If you value your freedom you should be prepared to do the same. This is why we need to be watching them closely and be prepared to question everything they do. And it’s also why I’ve come around strongly to the idea of being very well-armed & well trained. I am focusing on financial independence, so I can take care of my family, my friends and neighbours. I am also building up multiple country passports and residence visas. I’m ready to fight but am also ready to exit to more welcoming places if I need to.

As Andrew Henderson, the Nomad Capitalist says: “Go where you are treated best.”