Rip the Bandage Off NOW: There is No Better Time for Personal Change

The reality right now is many people are feeling stuck & unhappy. A recent survey by Gartner states that only 13% are highly satisfied with their work. A whopping 46% are HIGHLY dissatisfied with their work experience. In 2020 and 2021, Americans have been shown to be the unhappiest they have ever been in 50 years, with just 14% of Americans stating they are very happy, a massive drop from 31% in 2018.

No surprise considering that we’ve gone through a pretty tumultuous time in the last one and half years: with the continuing pandemic, disastrously incompetent government reactions (or lack of reaction), riots in the street, massive fires, destruction of main street commerce, job destruction, an ongoing disaster in Afghanistan as i write. Morale is definitely down in America and people are feeling fatigued, worn out and listless.

Yet many people refuse or won’t take action to change their personal situation. Could be due to laziness or fear both being big drivers of inactivity. Or hope that things will get better by themselves. But relying on outside factors to change a recipe for failure. People should remember that the status quo is psychological death. Hope is NOT a strategy. If you don’t take any action or control of your own life, it’s a 100% percent guarantee that you will fail. Better to try something, heck try anything (outside of drugs and alcohol of course), at least the odds will be better for you.

But in my opinion, a big reason most people won’t take action is because they care about how any changes will be perceived by others. These are mainly family members, friends or their peers. Social acceptance of our actions is wired into our being and we worry about what other people think about us or what we do.

Yet the reality is no one really cares. In fact, they probably did not care before 2020 as they were busy with their own life. In 2021, with the continuing pandemic, many of us are stuck at home and isolated away from other people. People are now either in survival mode or engrossed more than usual in their own mainly virtual lives. They literally aren’t able to pay attention.

The result? It is now the BEST time to be making these big life changes because nobody is paying attention. So quit that soul destroying job. Join some workout program like Peloton or Tonal. Take some classes like an Ondeck Fellowship or David Perells “Write of Passage”, both which I highly recommend. Go start that side business or side hustle. If you are unhappy in your city; move to another one. Or move out of the country like many people I know. The world and society is transforming around us. You should do the same.

The best way to change your life is through action and movement. Much easier to do so in stealth conditions. If it works out, which it usually does, awesome. If it does not, who cares? No one is watching anyways. So go forth, you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ever curious: Tsundoku, Reader, Aspiring Shokunin, World traveller, Investor & Tech/Media exec interested in almost everything!