selfIt’s A Great Time to Be Alive: Opportunity is Everywhere

Marvin Liao
2 min readNov 18, 2023

It’s so easy to be gloomy about the state of the world these days. War in Europe and the Middle East, economic recession, deglobalization, job loss, a breakdown of law and order. It’s a scary time.

But there I saw this amazingly illustrative series of tweets by @leadspacer:

“There have never been more opportunities to live the life you want if you are clever enough.

Most of the things we are told we should be concerned about don’t affect us.

With all of the fragmentation taking place in the world right now, it’s an opportunity for adventurous risk takers to make huge strides.”

“In great chaos lies enormous opportunity.”

This is all spot on. With everything changing, there will be massive new problems and consequently big opportunities to fix and solve this. It’s an amazing time to be a builder. You can leverage all the amazing technologies and marketing tools that are coming out. Just look at the software tools or ChatGPT or even AutoGPT.

Additionally, there is so much knowledge and expertise that you can access through online classes, podcasts or even just on Youtube alone. You can learn from the best and have it all at your fingertips via your PC or mobile phone.

So don’t be too worried by the scaremongering media headlines. It is scary and bad things are happening. But also remember that you have agency and control of your mindset. You have an opportunity to make things better around you, by providing the services and products that are needed.

If you provide true value to others in the world and approach life as being in service to others, you will be rewarded monetarily and spiritually. That is one thing that has not changed and will never change in the world.



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