Increasing Your Surface of Luck: It’s Almost Always A Numbers Game

Marvin Liao
2 min readJun 15, 2024


It’s always interesting talking to people from all walks of life and learning about how they live. Their perspectives. And it’s always really clear who is successful or not.

It’s their mindset and taking action. The more sales calls you make, the more investors you reach and talk with, the more articles you write, the more likely there will be success. The more girls you approach, the more likely you will end up dating someone. Consistent and regular action. Obviously these need to be relevant and targeted to the right people. Ie. Do your homework. But the point still stands. It literally is a numbers game.

As Noah Kagan tweeted:

“When starting out, dedicate yourself to The Law of 100.

Put out 100 videos.

Write 100 newsletters.

Reach out to 100 investors.

Do 100 reps of anything and you WILL get results.”

The more relevant action you take, increases your chances of doing well. For me, doing startup investing deals brings me more deal flow. Speaking at conferences brings me more speaking opportunities. Consulting and mentoring bring me more consulting and mentoring opportunities. Meeting more people, listening to more podcasts and reading more books, you get more insights. It’s compounding at its best.

Passivity is not a formula for success in anything.

You have to hustle and have a mentality of eating what you kill. Have total ownership.

I know if I don’t do anything, nothing will happen. Yes, something could happen even if you don’t do anything. But that’s a dangerous and precarious way to live. Living in hope and praying for luck, you are NGMI. God helps those who help themselves.



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