Becoming a Monster: The Path and Philosophy for Great Success and Growth

Many people seem to hate the very controversial professor and philosopher Jordan Peterson. I don’t agree with everything he says, especially recently and his bizarre uninformed views on geopolitics. But I like his view on taking “Personal Responsibility” in life. Many of his messages are especially valuable for listless young men. Stress on “young” men. The thing that was most insightful for me was when he said: “You should be a monster, an absolute monster. Then you should learn how to control it.” Source:

In my career and pursuit of business & monetary success, I feel I’ve definitely far along the path of becoming a so-called monster (in its mostly positive connotation, hopefully). I have NOT done a good job on the second part, controlling the monster which has pretty much caused most of the family and personal issues I’ve alluded to in the past and am in the process of dealing with now. Probably worth a full separate write up.

But for most people, they haven’t even started doing anything. This is really hard to do when you are surrounded by comfort and by soft people. And also brainwashed by an insane media-driven consumerist culture that dulls your senses. Fed by an unhealthy sugar & preservatives-filled diet.

This is why most people have unhealthy, mediocre lives that lack meaning. And they are usually very unhappy. Anyone who wants to grow or has accomplished or done big things faces big issues & challenges internally and externally. Think of all the great men before us: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, the Founding Fathers of America, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. Yet they were able to overcome by facing things, adapting and growing. That’s why they are great men.

Struggle makes you strong. As Justin Waller said: “You can tell the size of man by the size of his problems.” You cannot solve big problems and have a big impact if you don’t become strong. To overcome big problems you need to become a monster of some sort.

“You can become a pathetic monster or a monster with some power. Those are your options. There is no non-monster alternative.

Weak or Strong. I don’t mean strong like dominating tyrant strength. I mean strength like “functioning at a funeral” strength. And that’s a kind of monstrosity. And when you are down in chaos that is what you need to discover.

You have to be able to cope with danger…..You get to be stronger. Well, hey, that turns out to be a better bargain anyways.”

Being & Becoming. That’s the path that all of us have to take if you want to get anything worth doing. This will be required as I foresee really challenging times in the world coming where the pandemic was just the beginning. It’s going to be hairy: as the times are punctuated by a horrendous Russian invasion in Ukraine, an economic recession, political chaos across the liberal west and deglobalization as the world fractures into different blocs again. Hardship is coming.

In an observation that extends to people in general (not just white men IMHO) from the very brilliant writer of the Resavager blog:

“A Comanche chief once observed that there’s no force in nature as malevolent as the white man on the war path — he leaves none alive in his wake. You can argue that this sublime and sanguinary spiritedness is no more — but you cannot claim with honesty that the white man of history is not a killer angel.” -Thomas777

Resavager goes on to say correctly:

“The Comanches noted the martial prowess of the white devil and make no mistake, you want your enemy to see you as the white devil. You want to live in their minds, a constant reminder that our people are not to be fucked with. Perhaps, in some way you must also believe in what the Comanche chief said. Embrace it. Nature is not kind and the road ahead is long and unforgiving.”

If you want to GMI (Gonna Make it) in the upcoming disorder, you have to become a controlled, civilized monster. Be Dangerous and Disciplined. The world needs as many of you to survive mentally and physically to rebuild a much better society and economy in the future upcoming Renaissance.

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